I love to stare at beautiful pictures.
This is one reason I like to make image quotes SO much!

Image Quote 101

I have been making image quotes out of passion for quite a long time. Right now I am working with sister Bela Khan (Muslim Women Empowerment), sister Janette Grant (Mindworks Publishing) and brother Abdul Nasir Jangda (Meaningful Prayer). Alhamdulillah!

I have a Masters in Drawing and Painting, a degree in photojournalism and a diploma in Multimedia. I use my knowledge and experience in my work. Actually, I put my heart into it.

Have you ever noticed how Islamic websites, Facebook pages and even Facebook users share image quotes to spread Islam? “A picture says a thousand words” and an image quote says even more!

I am about to start a free introductory course on image quotes. In shaa Allah.

UPDATE (31 March, 2014):

THE course has already started. Alhamdulillah!

You can still take part in it! Enrollment will go on as long as the course goes on and you will have lifetime access to the course material, in shaa Allah.


If you want to take part in it, please fill up the enrollment form.

Course start date:

31 March, 2014

Course duration
6 weeks

Note: This offer is valid only for Muslim women.
For more information about this course, please refer to FAQ

Please share this post if you feel someone may benefit from the course. In shaa Allah.

Alhamdulillah for beautiful image quotes!

Your sister in deen
Sanjida Shaheed
Chief Dreamer and Doer
Global Gratitude Movement

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